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There are lots of great things that we can tell you about SLM Driving School. We can tell you about our low prices and high quality instructors. But instead of us telling you these things why not hear them from our customers. They were in your position once - looking for a driving school in Newham and the surrounding area. Now they have passed their test, and you can too.

"It was extremely important for me to pass my driving test quickly, so it was important that I pick the right driving school. I passed my driving test in just 6 days with SLM Driving School in a 39-hour intensive driving course." James

"My instructor was Sunny who was a great instructor. He's patient, knowledgeable and will have you fully prepared for your test in the quickest time possible. I highly recommend him and I am so pleased that I chose him." Ayesha

Passed in 6 days

Patient and knowledgeable

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020 8470 7222

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