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The standard driving test checks that you have the skills to safely operate a car but it doesn't cover everything. Your test will take place during the day, but what about night driving? You won't go on the motorway or drive on tricky rural roads. But all of these skills are essential for becoming a better and safer driver. Pass Plus lessons give you these skills.

•  Introduction

•  All weather

•  Rural roads and national speed limit roads

•  Motorway driving

•  Night driving

•  Town driving

There is no test with Pass Plus. Instead you work through six modules and are assessed as you learn. Once finished your Pass Plus lessons you will get a certificate which will reduce your car insurance by up to 40%. So you'll be a better driver and you'll save money.

Pass Plus modules

How Pass Plus works

SLM Driving School offers Pass Plus driving lessons in East London. This is in addition to our other driving courses, which includes helping you pass your test if you are a new driver. To save money on your car insurance and become a better driver enrol on a Pass Plus course today.

Pass Plus driving lessons in East London

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